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We collaborate with industry, government and the community to deliver social progress
and economic prosperity.

 We believe that by sharing knowledge with a generous spirit of partnership, we can transform societies worldwide.

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Our technologies

Available technologies - Easy Access IP

UNSW was the first University in Australia, and one of the first in the world, to offer the majority of our research discoveries and inventions for free. We call our approach of "giving innovation to the world" Easy Access IP.

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Next Generation Materials
Enabling large scale production of electronic nanomaterials
This invention holds the key to high performance printable, low-cost electronic nanomaterials.
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Next Generation Materials
Building better solar thermal concentrators for industry
A Concentrating Solar Collector with Built-in Shell and Tube Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage
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Next Generation Materials
Coalsim - Predict gas production from coal seam gas reservoirs
An invention that predicts gas production from coal seam gas reservoirs with greater accuracy to improve gas yield calculations. Coal seam gas accounts for 27% of Australian gas reserves; is set to supply at least 30% of Australia's domestic market by 2030, and 50% of gas demand in eastern Australia.
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Next Generation Materials
Sensing implant wear using nanocomposites
A nanocomposite sensor material for orthopaedic implants that monitors stability, stress and any signals of implant failure.

For UNSW Researchers and Entrepreneurs - Pricing Tool

UNSW Pricing Tool  

The UNSW Pricing Tool has been developed to support UNSW researchers undertaking externally funded research. 

For UNSW staff and researchers

We help researchers and staff transform research discoveries into successful products and services.

With a team of technically trained business managers with experience in commercial negotiations, legal matters and marketing technologies you can be assured of the best possible team at your service.

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