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Why Clive Mayhew recommends UNSW students to apply for the 2017 Startup Launch Program

Posted on: May 2 2017
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Seiya Takeda, Digital Marketing Coordinator | Student Entrepreneur Development
Clive Mayhew - Profile

He is the chairman, non-executive director and principal investor of Open Learning an education technology company based in Kent St, Sydney. Clive holds an M.B.A. and a Masters of Wellness from the University of Melbourne; Bachelor Science (Hons) Computer Science and Education from the University Stirling, UK. He was previously the principal investor and Chairman of Sky Software, Australia's leading provider of cloud-based student management and online accounting solutions to the private education sector. He helped build Sky Software into a global software provider, which was sold to the UK's Tribal Group in 2014 for $A23m resulting in a five times return on his capital invested. Clive has over 25 years’ experience  in the  IT  and software  industry, he  was  the founder of Netscape  Australasia  and led CDNow, one  of early e-commerce  pioneers  in the early 2000s. More recently he has  consulted to leading  Australian internet  companies including  and Destra media.

Clive Mayhew - Startup Launch

Recent mentor experience at the scale and mentor pilot program

Clive started working with UNSW as the investor in residence at the start of the year mentoring our first group of companies. All five companies enjoying the experience of getting investor ready with Clive helping them understand what investors are looking for in companies they invest in. All five are currently in the process of raising their first investment rounds raising from $100K to $500K.

UNSW Sydney Angels program participants 

Why are you participating in the Startup Launch Program?

Clive volunteers his time to the program, enjoying the opportunity of working with young entrepreneurs helping them understand the role of the investor.

Startup Event at MCIC What you hope to teach

Many young founders have a great passion for their business but find it difficult to raise funding to supports this, my role is to help them prepare their business to be investor ready.

Why students should apply?

The program provides the opportunity for early stage companies to become investor ready through the support and resources of UNSW and a great team of mentors supporting their effort. 

Apply now

Seiya Takeda, Digital Marketing Coordinator | Student Entrepreneur Development

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