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Inventor Portal

When you have an idea or an invention, make contact with UNSW Knowledge Exchange and log your idea at our secure web portal. Your idea or invention will be kept confidential and UNSW Knowledge Exchange will contact you for a meeting.

Accessing the portal

You can use your zPass to access the portal. It is as easy as answering a few simple questions on our form.

Instructions to completing the disclosure form on our Inventor Portal are below. Instructions on how to use the Inventor Portal are available here as a PDF.

Completing a new online disclosure form

To create a new disclosure, click the “Add New Disclosure” button on the right of this page.

The online disclosure form is grouped into 5 easy to manage pages:

  1. Details
  2. Researchers
  3. Funding
  4. Survey Questions
  5. Confirmation

1. Details

Title: The title for the invention you are disclosing.
Disclosure Type: Online Disclosure is the default.
Description: A paragraph or 2 describing the invention/technology.
First Public Disclosure (date): You must include this date if the technology details have been published or disclosed to a third party.
Circumstances of Disclosure: Details surrounding how and why the technology was disclosed to a third party or published.
Suggested Keywords: Optional field listing keywords you may be believe will be useful in marketing the technology.

2. Researchers

Add the researchers involved in the creation of this invention. The default is the researcher submitting the disclosure. For each researcher add the following:
First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Organisation: eg UNSW Australia
Email Address
“Add to List” button

Once the list is completed, select the Lead Researcher and then continue to the next step.

3. Funding

If there is no external funding check the box at the end of this page.

Sponsor Name: The organisation supplying the grant.
Country: The country that the grant comes from.
Contract Number: The identifying Contract Number, if known.

4. Survey Questions

Date of Invention: When did you come up with the idea.
Describe the possible uses for this invention: There might be more than one application or use for you invention, feel free to list as many as you like.
Who do you see being interested in this innovation?: You can name companies, industries or types of people.
Name your Head of School: Your head of school will be alerted that you have created a new idea via email.
Any previous contact with UNSW Knowledge Exchange?: Please indicate if you have had prior dealings with UNSW Knowledge Exchange.
UNSW Innovations Prior Contact: Please let us know who in UNSW Innovations you had previous contact, if any.

5. Confirmation

Review details and submit.

When you submit your disclosure, staff at UNSW Knowledge Exchange are alerted and a Business Development Manager from our team will be in contact with you soon after to discuss your idea further. An email is also sent to you, and any other inventors you have listed, that your idea has been successfully submitted.