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Andrew Dzurak

Paving the way for the world’s first super-smart, superfast computers

Australian scientists have discovered a way to put quantum computing technology into silicon computer chips, paving the way for the first commercial manufacture of super-smart superfast computing. 

For decades scientists have been trying to turn quantum computing — which allows for multiple calculations to happen at once, making it immeasurably faster than standard computing — into a practical reality rather than a moonshot theory. Until now, they have largely relied on "exotic" materials to construct quantum computers, making them unsuitable for commercial production. 

But researchers at UNSW have patented a new design, created specifically with computer industry manufacturing standards in mind and using affordable silicon, which is found in regular computer chips like those we use every day in smartphones or tablets. 

Quantum computing technology is set to have a major impact on industries such as information technology, finance, security, manufacturing and biotechnology and healthcare, particularly around the development of medicines that use computers to design pharmaceutical compounds, or to speed up trial and error testing. 

In time the outcomes of this research could create massive economic and social change and a transformational industry for Australia.  

UNSW Innovations is working with Professor Dzurak and his team and recently found commercial partners for the silicon quantum computing technologies.

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