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Bionic Eye - prototype success

In a world-first researchers  have successfully performed the first implantation of an early prototype bionic eye.

UNSW Scientists are leading the world in creating the bionic eye and believe in making the bionic eye a reality in the not so distant future! They have been working on the development of a bionic eye for over 10 years and plans for human trials for a fully implanted device with ongoing research and development are on track.

Professor Nigel Lovell is leading UNSW’s bionic eye research at the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering with Associate Professor Gregg Suaning and is part of The Bionic Vision Australia consortium that brings together Australia’s leading scientists and biomedical engineers to advance this vitally important project.

In a world-first researchers from Bionic Vision Australia, which includes researchers from the Bionics Institute, the Centre for Eye Research Australia, NICTA, the University of Melbourne and UNSW, successfully performed the first implantation of an early prototype bionic eye.  Dianne Ashworth, who received the 24 electrode implant device, said "I didn't know what to expect, but all of a sudden, I could see a little was amazing. Every time there was stimulation there was a different shape that appeared in front of my eye."

Bionic eye trial 'really promising'

Bionic eye recipient Dianne Ashworth tests the latest technology which is allowing her to see once again. Please click here or on image below for video courtesy Bionic Vision Australia.

Bionic eye

Imagine, just for a moment, a beautiful day. One day she will also be able to see it, with the help of a bionic eye!