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Nanotech revolutionises drug delivery

BioParticle Technologies help drug companies reformulate their compounds into nanoparticles for more effective pulmonary or transdermal delivery.

BioParticle Technologies


BioParticle Technologies (BPT)  is a company focused on the development and commercialisation of a novel proprietary drug formulation platform called ARISE (Atomised Rapid Injection for Solvent Extraction).

The company was set up by Professor Neil Foster with support from UNSW Innovations and seed-funding from Uniseed.

BPT's Technology

ARISE is a second generation, Gas Expanded Liquid (GXL) technology that generates, from active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and excipients, nanosized particulates with improved surface area and particle size distribution. The ARISE process provides an effective means for drug delivery for those drugs that are currently available either as an oral or as an intravenous formulation but for which direct pulmonary exposure would be of clinical benefit.  The particles are also suitable for transdermal delivery.

The ARISE process can be applied to proteins as well as small molecules, and laboratory proof of concept has been demonstrated with Insulin (bovine), Cyclosporin, Fluorouracil, pH responsive super-paramagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONS), polymeric excipients, Tobramycin and Fosfomycin as well as combinations such as Fosfomycin / Tobramycin at a 4:1 ratio (demonstrating the flexibility of the process).

The competitive advantages of ARISE include

  • 1000 times throughput of existing SCF techniquesDelivery device independent
  • Readily scalable for volume production
  • Low residuals
  • Tunable, narrow particle size range
  • Particle size and morphology suitable for oral, pulmonary and transdermal drug delivery

The Market

One of the proposed target markets is for drugs to treat lower respiratory tract infections and related disorders which include pneumonia, influenza, cystic fibrosis and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), where pulmonary inhalation provides site specific delivery as the primary means of treatment.  This represents a large global market for these diseases which is estimated to be US $10 billion in revenue and is an emerging high priority area for the development for inhalation based products.

Investor Relations

BioParticle Technologies is a privately held company founded by the inventor of the technology, Professor Neil Foster of the Super Critical Fluids Research Group at the University of NSW, Sydney, Australia. Venture capital funding has been received from Uniseed, Australia’s leading commercialisation seed fund.


BioParticle Technologies welcomes expression of interest from potential partners and investors.

Further information:
Dr David Rowe, Director, BPT
T:  +61 2 9385 6525