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UNSW Your Research Partner of Choice

At UNSW, engagement and linkage with external partners from industry, government and other organisations is fundamental to our mission. Through these partnerships we can achieve extraordinary impact, harnessing and translating research and knowledge for greater economic, social and cultural progress. 

Our UNSW Knowledge Exchange team are here to enable collaboration and connect prospective partners with our UNSW experts and vice versa. If you are interested in finding out more about our expertise, the work we are doing or need assistance with an issue in your sector please contact us, register for our next research showcase event or browse the latest in our series of capability portfolios. 

Clean Energy Capability Portfolio

As one of the world’s leading research and technology hubs for clean energy innovation, the Clean Energy Capability Portfolio highlights UNSW's world-class capabilities full of potential for real impact in the transition to a clean energy future. Our finest academics provide insight into expertise and opportunities across five major transformational areas including decarbonising the grid with renewables, energy storage, electrifying industries and transport, clean fuels in addition to energy policy, markets and consumers.

To find out more download our Clean Energy Capability Portfolio below.  

Defence Showcase


Defence R&D: An Instrument of National Power Capability Portfolio

The 'Defence R&D: An Instrument of National Power' Capability Portfolio showcases UNSW's world-leading defence-related capabilities, highlighting research expertise in areas of Quantum Computation and Communications, Space Research, Engineering and Missions, Cyber Security Operations, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing, Global Strategic Trends and Military Futures and Trusted Autonomous systems. 

To find out more download our Defence R&D Capability Portfolio below.  

Defence Showcase


Bioengineering for a Healthy Future Capability Portfolio

The 'Bioengineering for a Healthy Future' Capability Portfolio highlights UNSW's strength, value and opportunities we offer partners through our expertise in biomedical engineering research. Our esteemed experts provide an insight into how we are working towards addressing today’s healthcare challenges, empowering individuals with tools to prevent and manage health issues and the opportunities available through an increasingly connected healthcare ecosystem.

To find out more download our Bioengineering Capability Portfolio below.  

Bioengineering Research Capability


Trust Capability Portfolio

‘The Value of Trust: Building Integrity within Business and Society’ Capability Portfolio highlights UNSW’s strengths and the value we offer to our partners in research and executive education within leadership, strategy, law, regulation, ethics and corporate responsibility, social impact, social policy and justice, data science and security.

To find out more download our Trust Capability Portfolio below.   

The Value of Trust Capability Portfolio