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Short Courses for Chinese Professionals

Customised Offerings for Your Professional and Organisation’s Learning Development Needs 

Whether you're looking to broaden your personal knowledge or develop your company's workforce UNSW is your one-stop resource. With access to expertise in current and emerging topics, we develop the practical business and technical education that will enable you to address your current and future business challenges. 

Why us?

UNSW prides itself on quality, experience and innovation. Our expert presenters have the highest level of qualifications and experience in their areas of expertise.

Our programs are developed and instructed to meet current market trends and market skills in the are of expertise. 

We can deliver a program on site at your organization or host you at our stimulating residential retreat in our dedicated space at UNSW Sydney or Canberra campus. We can deliver most of our programs online or in a blended mode. 

Customised Program Model

When you choose from our open enrolment professional development and executive development program, our instructors work collaboratively with you to adapt the program to meet your organisation's professional development goals and address the specialised needs of your practitioners . Likewise, we will make recomendations on appropriate additional management topics and areas of focus based on your organisational challenges. 

Study tours, an appealing option in the health and build environment space

Combination of workshops and site-visit to develop further skills in a customised topic with an average of 10 days of intensive work. 

How do we do it?

We offer you a customised program model or a consultancy model. In both cases understanding your needs and working collaboratively with you is our key for success. 

Consultancy model

A learning solution fully customized to address your organisational key challenges and unlock your full talent potential. We work in partnership with you to identify critical organisational issues, conduct a comprehensive analysis, clarify outcomes, develop a program in consultation with key stakeholders, conduct a pilot program, and evaluate and follow up. Solutions developed from this approach are based on the 70-20-10 model, organisational leanring and development models. 


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