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Consulting and Contract Research

UNSW Knowledge Exchange provides specialist support and helps maximise partnerships in contract research, consulting and other agreements.

What is the difference between consultancy and contract research?

Consultancy is the provision of advice or analysis which draws upon the expertise, knowledge and infrastructure of UNSW. Consultancy may cover such activities as expert opinion, analysis and testing services, product and process development.  

Contract research has predetermined aims and objectives as well as project milestones, and often involves commercial goals. The intellectual property arising from this type of research is negotiated between the parties on a case by case basis.

The Unisearch team, located in Knowledge Exchange, can provide assistance in expert opinion services and consulting services.

The Short Course team can assist you with customised training. By working together, you can add value to in-house capabilities or buy-in specialist knowledge.

Our expertise

If you are looking to fund a research project or require advice which draws upon the knowledge of UNSW researchers, our team are on hand to ensure the partnership is seamless and rewarding. 

We have extensive experience across intellectual property, commercialisation and relationship management which extends across Asia, the Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. The scope and duration of a project is defined by your requirements. Services range from short-term, one-person assignments through to multidisciplinary, long-term projects with large teams and multi-million-dollar budgets.

UNSW understands the importance of confidentiality and if required, we can assist in putting relevant agreements in place. 

For a discussion on how we can provide you with the right expertise, please contact us

Services for UNSW Staff

We can provide UNSW Staff with support on projects from inception, through to completion, including tender support. We can deliver the relevant tools for academics to bid and win non-research and solicited tenders.

For more information, please email Knowledge Exchange