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Efficient image and video compression for surveillance and media applications

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A software prototype which allows motion images and video to be efficiently compressed to maximise bandwidth and maintain image quality.

The Technology

Efficient use of bandwidth in ever increasingly detailed video streams is a key driver for compression of video. The technology developed at UNSW is based on the JSIV (Jpeg2000 scalable interactive video) system and uses motion meta data to ensure a highly efficient compression focussing detail on objects of interest. This combination system allows for more efficient bandwidth use and image quality maintenance upon video retrieval and scaling.

The technology can be adapted in areas where remote interactive browsing is useful. This may include: streaming, conferencing, surveillance and broadcasting. Currently researchers have developed a demonstration software prototype of the system which demonstrates JSIV with explicit motion. This may be used to benchmark the capabilities of the technique or could be developed further into a product.

Key Benefits

  • Application of motion and disparity data in interactive video
  • Use of a variety of metadata to allow client reconstruction of images with more efficient bandwidth usage and minimal quality loss
  • Efficient transmission/use of wide field surveillance imagery with emphasis of detail on areas of motion.


  • Surveillance and security monitoring services/technologies military/security video streaming applications
  • Online Video streaming services


UNSW is seeking a partner to work with the researchers on further developing this technology for additional applications. 

Technologies for image and video compression at UNSW

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