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This technology has been licensed

Enabling large scale production of electronic nanomaterials

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This invention holds the key to high performance printable, low-cost electronic nanomaterials.

The Technology is available under licence for free

The invention holds the key to produce high performance printable, low-cost electronic nanomaterials and devices. This breakthrough will provide the semiconductor industry a new opportunity to expand their production scale whilst reducing costs toward the manufacturing of superior electronic devices in the area of sensors, capacitors and memory products.

Key Benefits



  • Large scale production
  • Printable
  • Low fabrication cost
  • Enabling integration of different functions


Potential Applications

  • Flexible non-volatile memory
  • High energy density capacitors
  • Gas sensors
  •  Flexelectric sensors

The Opportunity

UNSW is seeking a partner to license this technology and continue to work collaboratively with the research team to further develop this technology.