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Quadseal: Protection for your encrypted information

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Ensuring storage of your personal information is secure is vital. Quadseal protects encrypted information from attack and hacking.

The Technology

Information security is a major concern in today's hyper connected, wireless craving, cloud based society. Ensuring storage of information is secure is key as we increasingly give up physical control of services and devices.

Power analysis attack is a form of hacking which renders your identity vulnerable to third parties and should be of primary concern for everyone, from individuals to organisations and Government.These non-intrusive attacks pose a serious threat to the numerous devices storing private and confidential information.

Any chip or card that does not have a power analysis attack countermeasure is fundamentally insecure; and many of the world's leading security standards now require storage protect against power analysis In an attempt to better protect encrypted data from power analysis attacks researchers at the UNSW Australia have developed Quadseal.

Key Benefits

  • Software or hardware implementation.
  • Software: easily added to existing devices.
  • Hardware: for greater stability and reduced computational need.
  • More robust than current techniques such as physical masking random noise.
  • Modulating circuitry to save power and further improve security.
  • The only countermeasure which is not vulnerable to statistical analysis.


  • Securing personal information, bank cards, smart cards, SIM cards, Wi-Fi.
  • For industry, mobile devices, pay TV, medical devices, secure storage.
  • As a service, Secure Cloud Computing, Finance, Entertainment, Internet Service Providers, and Transport.

The Opportunity

UNSW is seeking a partner to work with the researchers on further developing this technology for additional applications.