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Removing moisture and odours

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A carbon based desiccant that outperforms silica gel. Removes moisture and smells easily, especially where it's really needed!

The Technology 

A superior moisture management material that is carbon based and outperforms silica gel.  

The material applied to a polymer film or textile has the potential to enhance current moisture management materials in footwear and apparel. 

Key Benefits

  • Environmentally friendly carbon based material
  • Double adsorption capacity compared to silica gel
  • Low temperature rapid regeneration
  • Low energy costs for regeneration - compared to silica gel
  • Stable over many adsorption/desorption cycles


  • Footwear
  • Apparel
  • Packaging
  • Electronics

Researcher Details

Rakesh Joshi, PhDLecturer

Veena Sahajwalla, PhDScientia Professor
Director, SMaRT@UNSW
Sustainable Materials Research & Technology

Scientific Specifications 

Proof of principle demonstrated through laboratory experiments.


UNSW is seeking a partner to license this technology or to work with the researchers to further develop this technology.