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This technology has just been licensed

Review pathology results - from anywhere in the world in minutes

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Designed to connect scientists and medical practitioners world-wide, this technology has just been licensed.

The Technology was recently licensed for free

Using the microscope to review pathology results could soon be obsolete. UNSW researchers have developed software for worldwide exchange of “digital” pathology images and associated data.

This technology will allow institutions to share and review results – worldwide, within minutes. It provides doctors, specialists and patients with a platform to view and deliver diagnostic advice.
It’s extremely beneficial for patients in remote locations as their pathology samples can be reviewed by multiple doctors and specialists anywhere in the world.

Key Benefits

  • Market ready
  • Improvement to existing “caTissue” software
  • Flexible and scalable data exchange between labs
  • Health monitoring capabilities
  • Research exchange tool
  • Designed to connect scientists and practitioners worldwide.
  • A platform to link individual and institutional Biobanks

The Opportunity

UNSW is seeking a partner to work with researchers on further developing this technology for additional applications. Please contact us if you are interested in working with us.