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Safe targeted anticoagulants

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Reducing the risks of bleeding out during surgery with safer anticoagulants.

The invention

Using anticoagulants to minimise the risk of blood clots during surgery is common practice. However, anticoagulants also carry significant risks of bleeding out. 

The proposed invention is a novel targeted therapy to treat thromboembolic disorders. It is a combination of a well-known anticoagulant agent with an antibody.  By targeting only activated coagulation agents, this potential therapy displays lower bleeding complications compare to existing drugs. Proof of principle has been demonstrated in rodent animal model.

Successful clinical trials would underpin a breakthrough in anticoagulant therapies.

Key Benefits

  • Targeted therapy
  • Lower bleeding risks and complications compared to existing anticoagulants
  • Leverage clinical data from well-known anticoagulant

Potential Applications 

  • Treatment of thromboembolic disorders

The Opportunity

UNSW is seeking a partner to licence this technology or to work with the researchers to further develop this technology. Information on this invention remains unpublished at this time.

Researcher and Technical Details 

Professor Beng Chong from St George and Sutherland Clinical School