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A simple, versatile polymerization technique

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This ultra-fast, oxygen-tolerant, visible light induced technique produces nontoxic polymers which have low polydispersity indices.

The Technology

This invention is a new living free-radical polymerization technique which uses the external stimulus light as a trigger, and is oxygen tolerant.

This invention allows for a high degree of control over the polymerization activation and deactivation such that well-defined polymer structures can be prepared with a narrow molecular weight distribution.

This technique is applicable to a wide range of monomers, including both conjugated and unconjugated monomers.


  • Low polydispersity index (~1.1)
  • Visible light induced polymerization
  • Oxygen tolerant
  • ON/OFF control of the polymerisation reaction
  • Ultra-fast
  • Mild reactions conditions
  • Minimal catalyst used (<1 ppm)
  • Nontoxic
  • Simple reaction setup


  • Surface coating and modification, eg. fibre functionalization.
  • Nanolithography, eg. silicon wafer and conducting glasses.
  • Biotechnology, eg. protein modification.
  • Additive manufacturing.
  • Multiblock copolymers.

Key Benefits

High quality, targeted polymers produced
Tight control over: reaction rate and duration, polymer molecular weight distribution, and the resulting polymer architectures formed.

Safe, energy efficient, and mild
Oxygen-tolerant, room temperature, water as solvent, ultrafast, and resulting in non-toxic products.

The Opportunity

We are seeking research collaborators and industry partners to further develop this technology.