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Tissue regeneration on a plate

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This invention is one of the latest breakthroughs in stem cell research - a unique culture protocol that provides an effective method for tissue regeneration.

The Invention

The ability to boost and direct natural processes to regenerate tissues following injury or disease would have a major impact on modern medicine.

Although all tissues have some regenerative capacity, the number and efficiency of the precursor-type cells responsible for self-healing (cells which can develop into any other cell types) is limited and decreases with age.

Using a naturally occurring growth factor in combination with an approved anti-cancer compound, our researchers have developed a unique culture protocol that can reprogramme certain mature cells to populations of special super cells that can effect tissue regeneration.

Key Benefits

  • Can use any mature cell in the body of mesenchymal origin (cells that develop into tissues of the circulatory system, as well as connective tissues, such as bone and cartilage).
  • Significant populations of reprogrammed super mesenchymal stem cells can be cultured in only a few days.
  • The holy grail of tissue regeneration - in situ tissue reprogramming (without need to culture cells ex vivo) is now within reach.
  • The use of the naturally occurring growth factor together with an approved drug potentially provides for expedited regulatory approval.
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in proof of principle in-vivo mouse spinal fusion studies.

The Opportunity

We are seeking potential research collaborators and pharmaceutical industry partners to further develop the invention.

Intellectual property status
“A method of generating cells with multilineage potential” is covered by PCT/AU2013/001476 Patent Application and available for licensing on an exclusive basis.