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Visible-light cured dental and surgical materials

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This invention is a new method to produce safer, non-toxic, more durable resins for the dental and medical professions.


Polymers are used in both the dental and medical fields, for example, as a filling composite or as surgical glue. 

This invention is a new method to prepare polymers with the goal of overcoming the disadvantages of the materials that are currently used in the dental and medical professions.

For dental applications this could be increased durability, reduced shrinkage, and as the polymerisation works in the presence of water not needing to dry the cavity area. For the medical glue application this includes reduced toxicity and increased shelf life.


Key Benefits

•Tuneable polymer properties to minimise polymer shrinkage and increase polymer durability

•Safer, non-toxic, materials 

•Visible-light as opposed to UV curing minimising the risk of burns 

•Polymerisation can occur in the presence of water, including under physiological conditions



•Dental materials such as composites

•Surgical glues


The Opportunity 

UNSW is seeking a commercial partner to licence and/or to work collaboratively with the inventors.