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Next Generation Materials
Sensing implant wear using nanocomposites
A nanocomposite sensor material for orthopaedic implants that monitors stability, stress and any signals of implant failure.
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Water, Environment and Sustainability
Water purification in remote locations
A solar powered, scalable solution to address water decontamination and purification primarily for developing countries.
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Next Generation Materials
Removing moisture and odours
A carbon based desiccant that outperforms silica gel. Removes moisture and smells easily, especially where it's really needed!
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Next Generation Materials
Tribological Testing
Efficiently measuring heat produced during tribological testing. Tribometers have traditionally relied upon estimations of heat generated from friction and wear of different surfaces.
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Next Generation Materials
Safer, compact Hydrogen storage
A world-first material to effectively store hydrogen for use as a safe, carbon emission free energy source.
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Next Generation Materials
Superior brass fittings and fixtures
A new class easily machinable and formable brasses. Superior physical and mechanical properties. Lighter in weight and 20% cheaper to produce than regular brasses.
"NSi has facilitated partnerships with industry to enable researchers to engage with industry to develop cutting edge ideas into reality. This partnership with NSi is all about converting passion and possibility into reality."
Professor Veena Sahajwalla
Director, Centre for Sustainable Materials Research and Technology
We help businesses innovate.
UNSW shares with its many partners a committment to pioneering research and innovation.
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We're proud to work with our business partners of all sizes, and from all over the world.
"I have had tremendous support from the entire NSi team over the past few years as my team have developed new patents and worked to find commercial partners for our silicon quantum computing technologies."
Professor Andrew Dzurak
Scientia Professor in Nanoelectronics School of Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications, UNSW

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