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Biomedical Sciences
Bionic hands that feel
Bionic limbs with sensory feedback developed by UNSW researchers, will provide patients with a more sensitive and enhanced feeling of touch.
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Biomedical Sciences
Visible-light cured dental and surgical materials
This invention is a new method to produce safer, non-toxic, more durable resins for the dental and medical professions.
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Next Generation Materials
Quality control for producing more powerful solar cells
A new tool to measure the photoluminescence of solar cells, quickly, with more flexibility than ever before.
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Next Generation Materials
Tribological Testing
Efficiently measuring heat produced during tribological testing. Tribometers have traditionally relied upon estimations of heat generated from friction and wear of different surfaces.
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Biomedical Sciences
3D X-Ray Reconstruction
A method for reconstructing 3D images from an almost standard 2D x-ray setup. The sensor developed by UNSW generates representation of the internal structure using x-ray radiation.
"NSi has facilitated partnerships with industry to enable researchers to engage with industry to develop cutting edge ideas into reality. This partnership with NSi is all about converting passion and possibility into reality."
Professor Veena Sahajwalla
Director, Centre for Sustainable Materials Research and Technology
We help businesses innovate.
UNSW shares with its many partners a committment to pioneering research and innovation.
Partner with us.
We're proud to work with our business partners of all sizes, and from all over the world.
"I have had tremendous support from the entire NSi team over the past few years as my team have developed new patents and worked to find commercial partners for our silicon quantum computing technologies."
Professor Andrew Dzurak
Scientia Professor in Nanoelectronics School of Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications, UNSW

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